Dinah Washington . Collection

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1. Perdido (J. Tizol, E. Drake)
2. Caravan (D. Ellington, I. Mills)
3. Makin Whoopee (W. Donaldson, G. Cahn)
4. They Didnt Believe Me (J. Kern, H. Reynolds)
5. Youre Crying (C. Porter)
6. Every Time We Say Goodbye (G. Gershwin)
7. But Not for Me (G. Gershwin)
8. Never Let Me Go (R. Evans)
9. Aint My Babe? (W. Donaldson, G. Cahn)
10. I'll Close My Eyes (C. Porter)
11. Somebody Loves Me (J. Tizol, E. Drake)
12. I'll Down in My Tears (J. Kern, H. Reynolds)
13. Bargain Day (W. Donaldson, G. Cahn)
14. Relax Max (S. Wayne)
15. Tears to Burn (J. Tizol, E. Drake)
16. Way Home (C. Porter)
17. I Know (W. Donaldson, G. Cahn)
18. You Let My Love Grow Gold (C. Porter)
19. I've Got You Under My Skin (J. Tizol, E. Drake)
20. Summertime (I. Gershwin, G. Gershwin)


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