Sleepthief. The Dawnseeker

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1. Eurydice (Jody Quine)

2. Desire of Ages (Harland) 

3. You Did A Good Thing (Nicola Hitchcock)

4. Just Say It (Kyoko Baertsoen) 

5. The Chauffeur (Kirsty Hawkshaw) 

6. Tenuous (Jody Quine) 

7. Sublunar (Sweet Angel) (Kristy Thirsk)

8. Nightjar (Caroline Lavelle)

9. Fire From Heaven (Roberta Carter Harrison) 

10. The Metro (Jerri Eckert) 

11. Kiss To Savor (Jody Quine) 

12. Afterthoughts (Lauren Edman) 

13. Entre Ciel et Mer (san.drine)


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